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Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Refashions

I've been doing some shirt refashions for Gabe lately. They are easy, and I've totally been cheating  using the existing buttons and collars! My hubby gave me an old collarless button up and an old Henley long sleeve tee. I created my own pattern using one of Gabe's old T shirts, and they've turned out great so far... Here are some pics... NO tutorial. But one day soon when I find a great shirt to redo for him, I will! However I will post some links to some great ones that I do envy... I really need some more skills and a serger lol!

The first shirt was exactly this style:

And turned into this:

I love it on him! Perfect for summer.

The second one was a thirfted item that was this style:

and I turned it into this:

I also saved the sleeves from this shirt to make some matching pants... Maybe like sleepwear for camping, etc..
And if your interested in trying one out for yourself here is some links to some cute one's I found.

That's all for now... Stay tuned folks. I'll try to be LESS boring next time :)

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