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Monday, March 1, 2010

Men's Dress Pant Refashion

Oh Boy. I got myself a little too advanced to fast!!! It sounded like such a great idea in the beginning :) I saw THIS tutorial and HAD to try it. Of course, I did not do well with reading the instrctions, I had to do it my way. Her's turned out SOOO much cuter, and they were done right lol. I found the pair of pants I wanted on the color of the day rack at the thrift store, so they were like 2 bucks....I used a pair of Gabe's pants for the pattern and cut cut cut away!! Took a little figuring out, and 3 broken machine needles later (I shoud learn when to quit :) and TADA!!!

I'm pretty sure these are like a 24-2T size... I kept the pleats in the front and the original zipper, so they look exra baggy on Gabe's little 13 month frame as of right now, including the length. They do slim down at the leg, so they are pretty modern and trendy.

I used the back waistand to thread some elastic through for a stretch back. I wasn't very smart about it, and the back pockets are cut off. There are alot of things I would do different next time. If there is a next time! Right now little man and I are heading out to ship some things i've done for a friend and her fourth baby to be,

and to get some more machine needles :) Next tutorial will be a little bowtie from the remaining pants!!

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