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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Felt Softie Book

At almost14 months old this month, my son is really getting into reading. He'll sit on the floor, and spill out all his little cardboard baby books, turn the pages, and laugh!! Then he'll bring me a book, and sit there patiently while I read the 6 page book as slow and exciting as I can. This makes me happy, and I hope it continues!! After doing my Garden Playmat project, 

I still had quite alot of felt scrap around, so I put them to use in this felt softie "Gabe Is" book. I love my son, and I wanted to put in his own little book what he is to me :

You'll have to pardon my shabby fabric paint/ freehand applique skills!!! Hope this post finds you well on a beautiful Sunday morning, that's it for now!


  1. How cute!! You are so super sweet to make a personalized book like that. I'm sure it will bring loads of smiles and fun times! Great idea!

  2. Love your felt book! Really adorable! I found you on This girl Creative and am now your new follower!:)