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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Braided Jersey Headand WIth Bow GIVEAWAY!!


Okay, I finally did something, even though small, for my first giveaway!!! This braided headband is made from a thrifted Tee, and the bow is from my scrap fabric. Finished off with damask ribbon accents. Hand sewn, and some hot glue for durability. Who says hot glue isn't couture, right? It's neutral with a little pop of color. The bow is set back toward the ear a little bit more on purpose. This way, when the hair is worn up, the bow is right at the side of the head instead of sitting all " wonky" right on top! Maybe that's just my opinion??? Made to fit a wide range of heads, and yes, that is a brand new no slip elastic pony tail holder at the bottom for the adjustableness :)   And I might also say that I HAVE NEVER been able to wear these kind of headbands. They slip right of my head. For some reason, this one does NOT do so, it stays right on... How nice...

The giveaway is going to last until Wednesday night, March 24th. Simple rules are as follows:

1. If you like it, leave me a comments saying so!!

2. If you really like it, leave me two.

3. Extra points if you become a follower!

4. You cannot win if you DO NOT comment!

Enticed yet?? Hope you like it!! Once the giveaway is over, and winner is chosen, I will contact you by email shorty thereafter (like my big fancy words?) for an address!! Have fun, and good luck!   - Becca

PS. Sorry for the BAD modeling pics, I'm not a natural model, especially after a long day, and NO MAKEUP!!!


  1. OOOH! Thanks for your entry!! I'm so excited :)

  2. This is cute! I don't have alot of luck with headbands staying on so I would LOVE to try this one ;)

  3. I love the braided look! Great job. Thanks for sharing with Made it Monday! Jules

  4. Very CUTE...thanksfor sharing with all of us! Hope you have a FUN week:)


  5. I sincerely thought I left a comment already, stating that if this cute a button headband doesn't stay in my hair my daughter will get it. But my google/blogger has been acting up these last few days when I leave comments. So I have become a follower from and through my twitter/google account. Same name as my blog, Momnonstop. It really is so adorable but I hope that if I win this one, it stays in my hair!

  6. Just to help you count, here is post number two for following! Lol, my crazy computer has made me word confirm twice for this one!

  7. LOL Mom.Nonstop. you're so funny!! Good luck!! Thank you for commenting.. VERY NICE OF YOU. Also, If you don't win, 'll be doing more soon... I like making headbnds/hair things , and givng them away more than I wear them :)- BEcca

  8. Very cute! Thanks for linking up this week!

  9. Please count me in!

    Saw your giveaway over at the Facebook Blog Giveaways page!

  10. I totally love it!! Thanks so much for linking to Creative Cats!!


  11. I've picked a winner!!! Thank you all for your entries!! I have another giveaway going right now as well! :) - Becca

  12. Very cute headband! I love the bow.

    If you have another giveaway, I would be glad to put it on my sidebar. Just shoot me an email.

    Thanks for linking up!