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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Easy Peezy Pretty Car Air Freshener ~

 We had been saving for quite awhile, and this year were able to start looking for a newer car. My old 95 Camry has been a great car, but it was time to move on.  Ive had it since I was about 17, and it has been across the country numerous times. Now that we are starting a family, we realized we needed a newer car, more relible, with less miles, etc....  A couple days into looking we found an awesome 1999 Subaru Outback and knew this is what we needed! So now I'm all set to be a REAL mom in my Subaru Wagon, woooohoo!!  Anyway, while taking it on our first road trip, I realized I needed to put something in it to make it MINE ours. Since i'll be driving it almost all the time, because the hubby has his truck, I went ahead and made a pretty little air freshener for it.

All I did was take some wool scraps, ( I used wool because I thought the scent would last longer in that fabric) and using a wide mouth mason jar (about 3 1/2 inches in diameter), I traced a circle and cut two of them for the sachet part.

 I machine sewed them together leaving room for turning. After it was turned right side out, I filled it with lavender blossoms that had been dropped with an essentiol oil aromatherapy blend. Fill it up, sew the opening closed.

To make the flower part, I cut a bunch of 2 inch circles from my remaining wool, then folded each in  half, and then half again.

Starting in the middle of my sachet, I starting sewing my "petals" on until I had the effect I wanted. 

In the middle I hot glued some silver gray pearls in a cluster.

Don't mind the extra glue!! My glue gun went a litte crazy....To hang it, I cut 20 inches of ribbon and hot glued it in between the petals and the sachet.

To mak sure it would hang right I knotted the ribbon at the base where glued it on, if that makes any sense!

And now my car looks like my own, and smells good too! :)

You could use any fabric, and add any kind of beads, or buttons for the middle! Make it your own, or make several for different seasons. To refresh, just add acouple more drops of your choice of fragrance to a plastic baggie, and store the air freshener in it overnight!! make sure the oil or fragrance won't stain the fabric! Enjoy.


  1. L-O-V-E it! Thanks for the tute!

  2. Your very welcome, Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. super cute and thanks for sharing with us the instructions! I think I can do this...and have all the materials hanging around here, well, somewhere in my craft room! :)

  4. No, thank you for checking me out!! Have fun, and if you don't understand any of my instructions, go ahead and ask me! Lovely blog you have too.

  5. oh love that idea. And see these as great Christmas presents as well. I am going to go and see if i have everything to make me one. And if it turns our great will make one for my mom, and friends.

  6. Great Idea!! I was trying to think of what else you could put inside besides lavender blossoms.... and you could get some aromatherapy blend and drop it onto some wood chip bedding, like for hampsters, and let it soak into it over night. Just put it in a baggie. I just had all those blossoms to use!!

  7. Thats good - I use dried rice soaked in fragrance oil too!

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