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Monday, March 22, 2010

"Don't Tell Small It Can't Do Big" Toddler Chair/Stepstool Makeover

My great grandfather built this for my dad, and his siblings back in the 50's or 60's. My dad gave it to me to redo for my son:). It may have been in shabby condition, but it was still super sturdy! Here it was before:

My sweet hubs got to use his new sander, and sanded off the yellowing, thick varnish so I could repaint it.

I chose a pretty turquoise color, not too far off from what is was before.

I did two coats of acrylic paint and let it dry a couple hours. From cardstock, I cut different size orange and yellow circles for polka dots. Using mod podge I randomly places my dots and let them dry for a minute before going back over the whole chair with more mod podge. I ended up doing two coats of satin mod podge for durability.

Then I found this phrase in a magazine and knew right where it would go...

And now my little man can feel big on his new step stool. He needed a hand doing his very important morning and evening activities like brushin' teef!!

 And it has a new permanent home next to his frog potty :)


  1. don't know what's sweeter...the featured seat or the cutie pie that's using it.

  2. Def the cute pie using it!!! After all, he was the inspiration!!!!

  3. Oh my gosh he is a little doll. What a great revamp. Love it! Especially love that quote!

  4. Thank you everyone!! your comments are making my day!!

  5. Absolutely adorable! I love pieces with sentimental value... thanks for sharing at the POPP.

  6. Now that is so cute. I love that it was a meaningful hand me down. Looks like it will have years of use ahead of it!

    Thanks again for linking up to Make it Yours Day at My Backyard Eden.