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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Creations Of The Past...

I have been crafting and sewing for alot longer than I've been blogging, so I am posting some favorite projects that I've done in the past!

Let's start with bag/purses:

A clutch from my grandmother that I recovered in jersey knit roses....

Another I covered in vintage wool ruffles!! This one I entered in Disney's "Ruffle Your Stuff" giveaway. Go take a peek  HERE!

Same gray wool in this little makeup bag...

And a few from my line of diaper and wipe cases, which are up for sale at a little boutique here in town.

Here are some of my Favorite pieces of clothing:

A Christmas gift for the brother in law...

Diaper cover from an old T shirt

Yes, A matching skirt and baby pants form my hubbies old shirt!

And my pattern for a sweet little halter style toddler top :)

And for some departing pics, some random favorite things:

Bow headband

Linen and cotton flower headband

T shirt scrap rosette headband, very roaring 20's

Capelet remade from a sweater

Hope you like them!! I sure had fun making and using them!! :)

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  1. Do you have a tutorial on Linen and cotton flower headband? Thanks! :)