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Monday, March 29, 2010

Rosette Cluster Headband Giveaway Winner!!

Congrats Jessica from A Few Of My Favorite Things blog!!!

She said "Thanks so much for posting on Favorite Things Friday! These headbands are adorable!"

Okay, Jessica, I've already emailed your for your address!!

Thank you all who entered. Unfortunately, my body is starting to feel very pregnant, and my posts might become a little few and far between for now. Thanks for understanding. I'd still love to hear from anybody who has questions and/or comments!! - Becca

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Braided Headband Tutorial

By request, I am doing a braided headband tutorial. For this headband I used stretchy t shirt material. You can use cotton just at easily!! The stretch material just gives it extra "give" for better fit somtimes.

For this project you need:

Three strips of your chosen material about 14 inches long. It doesn't need to end up that long, but it gives a little room for mistakes and for finishing the ends.

Needle and thread

A few inches of matching ribbon

A hair elastic. The no-slip ones work great

Any embellishment you choose. Plain can be nice too!

I start out by sewing together the ends of my three strips. I pull them first so that they roll up..

To hold in place while I braid, I safety pin the end to a pillow or something nearby.

I start out braiding, and I stretch the strips as I go. That way when you're done, and it retains it's shape, it's a nice tight braid. Keep going, keeping your fingers right below what you just braided.

I braid until it's long enough to go from behind one ear lobe to the other on my head. Holding you braid firmly so it doest lose it's tightness, sew the end just like at the beginning. Now, I firmly tack with needle and thread, the hair elastic to both ends. Make sure its firm so it wont snap!!

 To hide that area, I use a little bit of ribbon. I hot glued the end so it covers both elastic and the end of the braid, and wrap it around. tuck the edge of the ribbon under and hot glue that down. Do both ends and it's done!

Hope that makes sense???  For this one in the pic I did two braids and twisted them before sewing on my elastic. I added a navy blue ribbon bow with a little anchor charm. Nautical is HOT this summer!!

 With it:

Without it:

There you have it, folks!! Anything you don't understand, let me know.

Also, while im here, what do you think of my new necklace??? I'm eventually going to add a chain intead of the ribbon I think...

Friday, March 26, 2010

Giveaway Reminder

This post is to remind you that I still have another headband giveaway going until Sunday night/Monday morning!! I'll announce the winner Monday. Please feel free to comment on how I can improve, and/or any tutorials you would like to see!! Of course I will see what I can do within my means :) Thank you followers, and commenters!! Keep em coming!!

Have a blessed evening :)

"Hunky Pool Boy" Terry Cloth Romper Shorts

I've had this idea for awhile, and I wanted to make Gabe something for the summer to wear on the patio or around the kiddie pool. I made the shorts from two brand new terry cloth towels I found  super cheap at the second hand store. The pockets are leftover from my mens shirt to boys shirt refashion seen over here.  The stenciling is freezer paper stenciling. Heres the short process in pictures:

I cut out my pieces using a pair of his shorts

I made my pockets and stenciled them

I sewed the pockets on first and then assembled the shorts

And done :)

Um, model much?

Now try to keep your hunky pool boy away from the girls this summer!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Little Cowboy Gun Holster Tutorial

Every little cowboy needs a holster for his six-shooter!! Over time you might learn that we are country loving people... We dress it, (mostly my hubby and son), we listen to it, we love rodeos, horses, farms, ranches, on and on!! In fact, we both grew up in the country. Especially me being from cattle country, I used to ride horses daily. So naturally we wanted to pass it on to our kids.

First B-day. I made the cowspot cake!!

So anyway, on to the tutorial! I started with some scraps of cow print cotton canvas. As you can see I had to sew two pieces together for it to be big enough... I laid his play gun ON A FOLD and traced the shape I wanted on the WRONG side of the fabric.

I unfolded it, and BEFORE sewing the sides, I hemmed the top and bottom. It's easier that way.

 Next I sewed the sides together and turned it right side out to make sure the gun fit how I wanted.I wanted to make it really cowboy-ish so I added some fringe :)

To make the belt loops, I measred my belt  and cut my strips accordingly so they would be big enought to slip on the belt. Just fold and iron like so, and hand sew the loops on tucking under the raw edges.

AND WALA!! He's ready to cowboy up!!!

I also made the vest, and the cowboy pants.... The tute for that is RIGHT HERE.

Mama's Got A New Diaper Bag!

I made this bag last night and I really like it!! I'm not the best at making bags, and this one has no pockets, but that's okay... I rarely use pockets. I try to simplify what baby stuff I do take out. And now with Gabe pretty much a toddler, I mainly take diapers,wipes, my wallet and keys, sippy and snacks. So here's my new bag with a matching diaper/wipes case :)

Pleated sides....

                        DON'T forget to enter my headband giveaway Right Here....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Winner Is... And Another GIVEAWAY

*This Giveaway now closed*

My Braided Jersey Headband with Bow giveaway is now closed and we have a randomly chosen winner!!!

Congratulations, Erin! 

ERIN said...  "This is cute! I don't have alot of luck with headbands staying on so I would LOVE to try this one ;)"

Well,  now you get to, and I hope it suits you! I will give you 24 hours to email me with your address, and after that I will contact you, and try to get it in the mail as promply as possible! Thank you for all who entered. I will have more coming up so keep on trying and entering!! In fact, lets start another one right now!!

This next giveaway is for a brown and red knit rosette cluster headband with bow. The headband is from Forever 21, and all the rosettes and the bow are hand sewn with a felt backing.

Rules are the same as last time :)

1. If you like it, leave me a comments saying so!!

2. If you really like it, leave me two.

3. Extra points if you become a follower!

4. You cannot win if you do not comment :)


Good luck!! Let me know what you think!! This giveaway will end Sunday night, so hurry and tell your friends!