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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Little Gentleman's Bow Tie Tute...

After I refashioned those dress slacks, for Gabe, I saved the bottom part of the legs for this project. I just thought that a little bow tie would be so cute for dressier occasions and church. My husband and I are big fans of "The Waltons". I alway eye the fashion from back in those days, (1930's) and love how classic it is! In every episode of the Waltons, where they put on thier Sunday best, the boys usually wear a bowtie. Even with just a simple cotton button up shirt, I think it looks so nice :) Call me old fashioned, it's okay!

First step is to determine your size.... For the look I wanted, I chose to do 41/2 inches by 51/2 inches. Cut two of your squares, sew them together rounding corners, and leave room for turning. Preferably leave it open for turning in the middle of the bowtie, that way it will be concealed with the middle part.

For the middle part, I cut my strip about 11/2 inches wide and four 1/2 inches long to be safe. Do the same thing, sew three sides together and leave one end open for turning. Iron both peices flat now, right side out.

Now for the neckband all I did was measure his neck... It was 9 inches... and I added 5 inches to that. So I cut my neckband strips 1 3/4 inches wide, and 14 inches long. Sew up three sides, leaving one end open, turn right side out, and press. I added about 2 inches of vecro to each end for attachment. Make sure it fits, and then find the middle of the strip and mark it.  Now all I did was gather the bow tie part, and hand stitch the middle part to it, tucking the unfinished end under the finished end. Tack if firmly once you gotten it how you want it, or at least how you think your bowtie should look!

 Sew it to the middle of your neckband, and your done!!! Now, put it on your little man, (or little girl if you wish, which is cute with a little ruffly skirt) and show off just how cute he is!

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