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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Basic Baseball Style Tee

Gabe has this really cute pajama shirt that is a baseball style tee. I just think it's the cutest little thing on him. It's stretch knit, so it fits him a little snug, with still more room to grow. I've been looking for a basic tee pattern to use so that I could pick my own colors, mix and match, and stencil for something a little more original. All I did to draft my own pattern was trace the pieces from my favorite shirt, marking my seam allowance, etc. I used freezer paper to trace onto, because it's sturdy and I have ALOT of it!

I marked what piece was what for ease.

Here's my first try:

My seams could be neater but all in all wearable!


  1. I love that style of tee! The tie on it is such a cute addition!

  2. Thank you!!! I do too, so I HAD to copy the pattern!!!