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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

DIY Ruffled Candle Holder From Dollar Store Materials~

It was time to switch out the holiday/winter candles and bring out the fresh, spring/summer ones!! That includes the holders! I've been wanting to do this project for awhile, and it's a great scrap buster!! Also, I found the styrafoam forms at the dollar store. They have alot of styles, but I went with the tapered circle. Next time I'll do a square one!

For this project you'll need:

A Glue gun
Floral styrafoam forms
Plenty of your scrap fabric, in whatever color, or mix of colors you want

It's a slightly legnthy project due to the fact that half of it is spend cutting! Begin by cutting your fabric in cirles. Mine ended up not so perfect,  and not all the same size (I freehanded). That will actually give it dimention!! But I didn't cut them larger than 2 inches in diameter. I used three different fabrics in the white family for texture, and I love the linen throughout it.

Start placing your cirles on by folding the circle in half and placing a drop of glue in the center on the fold. Go all the way around leaving 1/4 space between each center of each cirle. You want the edges to stick up, thus creating the start of your "ruffling" effect. Go all the way around, and you will have this:

Starting another row by lifting the eges and gluing and tucking more cirles on. I only leave the first row 1/4 inch spaces, but as I go along I tuck them in closer togther to build more ruffle.

Keep going until all the stryrofoam is covered. Don't do the top and bottom. If you wish you could cut some fabric to cover the top if you will have exposed edges you don't want to see. But in the end, the bottom will not be seen...

This technique I used for The "truffle mirror" as my hubby calls it!! I does look like truffled chocolate!! (the mirror was 99 cents at the thrift store)

Hope I made sense!!! Let me know If I didn't. Have a great day!!

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