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Friday, March 19, 2010

Vintage Look Clock Makeover

Oh, yeah... didn't I tell you it was Mod Podge week on Hello Marzipan?? Actually, wasn't planned, I just went a little crazy with it. Today I'll show you how I took a 2 dollar Wal Mart clock, and made it my own...

For this project you will need:
Mod Podge
An old book to rip up
A paintbrush of some kind
Vintage (or new) trim
The old trusty glue gun

I started by ripping up my book pages into all different sizes. I tried not to leave any straight edges.

I blew the dust off my clock and wiped it down ( i'm NOT the best at dusting) and started applying my paper.

I painted on my Mod Podge with my brush about a medium  thickness in about 4 inch increments. I put on my page pieces one at a time, going over it and smoothing it down as flat at possible to the clock with more Mod Podge.

If you have a book with thicker pages, you might have to use your fingers to form it and smooth it a little more. My clock had little rigdges in it so I had to use my nail to tuck it into each little crevice.

Use the brush to smooth it completely and move on until the whole clock is covered with no visible areas. Also, you might want to have a wet rag on hand to wipe any Mod Podge smears from the face of the clock. Go as far as you can to the face of the clock. Don't worry if you cant cover every bit in the front, because that is where our trim will come in later. let dry for fifteem minutes, and then go back adding a second coat of Mod Podge. Let dry.

Now, to finish, take your pick of trim and glue it around the face of the clock, covering those little areas you couldn't get with your page papers and giving it a finished appearance.... then you're done!!!

Enjoy your vintage look clock!!