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Friday, March 5, 2010

Womens Cardigan Refashion

I love "over" things... aka sweaters, cardigans, hoodies, etc. Always have, but espeially now that i'm a "bigger" version of me after having Gabe, and now that we live in northern Washington where its chilly alot. A couple days ago I bought a cotton cardigan from my fav. second hand store. The style is hot these days, but it just looked frump on me... just ask my hubby. We both agreed I should do something with it!! It was this style to begin with:

 Because I'm short, I just took off some length. I added a bottom band using some brown knit, and used the same material for the ruffles around the neckline. Then  I added some thin elastic to the bottom half of the side seams to kinda ruch it little. I got that idea  here. It's not the most fab refashion i've done, but at 11 o clock at night, it's what I came up with. I want to look for more ideas, and do another with a black one I have in my closet.

Quite uninspired compared to the awesome stuff i've seen out there :) That's it for now!

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